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29 03 2007

And another blog is born . . .

I’m not quite sure why I decided that the world needed another blog, but I thought I could share some of what I’ve learned these past years about our local food web in the beautiful Skagit Valley. There are so many farmers, ranchers, orchardists, cheesemakers, dairymen, fishermen, shellfish wranglers, and food producers that it is possible to eat quite well without ever leaving the county.

Having said that, this isn’t necessarily about being a locavore, keeping some sort of food diary or touting the Slow Food movement, but I hope to shine a spotlight on some of our local options. All of those are fine things, and I practice them on some level, however, I’m not above enjoying a banana or an avocado not to mention coffee and chocolate! Even with great variety, fertile fields and modern preservation, narrowing the options just for the sake of exercise seems pointless. The options may be narrowed soon enough.

Spawned out Skagit River salmon

Having read too much about factory farming, GMO’s, industrial meat packers, pesticides, unfair labor practices, artificial flavors, preservatives, environmental damage, sewage lagoons, feed lots, battery chickens, disease, and the pestilence of corporations such as Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland, I have joined the radical food movement. 😉

I take inspiration from the likes of Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Marion Nestle, Alice Waters, Greg Atkinson and other food activists. We have local heroes too: Anne Schwartz, George Vojkovich, Talea Price and many others that will be introduced here. Perhaps individually they’re just making a living and feeding their family, but together they’re part of Skagit Valley’s abundant foodshed.

It’s only just this small corner of the world, but I’m here to share what I’ve found and hopefully shine a light on some of the other local radicals – whether they know they’re radical or not.


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25 05 2007

There really is so much that Skagit Valley has to offer. I was excited to see Whatcom County’s farm stand map included dock-side seafood vendors. I with the Skagitonians would update their farm map and list the fish vendors in our county.

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