Spring harvest

30 03 2007

Better late than never, I suppose. 🙂

Before the morels and asparagus, spring brings the first greens for the first shot of vitamins needed after a long winter. Stinging nettles are full of Vitamins A and C and iron and I can fill a paper grocery sack with nettles in about 10 minutes. If I do this daily while they’re coming up, I can eat all that I want and still have enough to freeze or dry. Other benefits are that I get some time outside (soaking up Vitamin D from the sun one hopes) and there are fewer large nettles to brush up against later.

Nettle Harvest

Why just one sack per day? Well, it’s the quantity that fits into my sink for washing and into my large pasta pot for steaming. 🙂 I steam them very lightly in a small amount of water, only just enough to wilt and take the sting out. Some I will then run through the food processor for pureed soups later and some I will chop and freeze in vacuum bags. I try to keep the water with the nettles to not lose any vitamins. If there is too much, I will use it in something else right away.

Other spring edibles free from the back yard are Siberian miner’s lettuce, salmonberry shoots, wintercress, dandelions and, if you’re very very lucky, morels.




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24 05 2007

Mmmmmmm, nettles can be so tasty. I’ve only had them made into pesto, but it def. made a lasting impression.

25 05 2007

Nettles are wonderful since they’re so abundant. I use them wherever I would use spinach. One favorite is saag paneer which turns into nettle paneer. While the nettles are a little tough for eating right now, I plan on picking some for garden tonic. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Nettle-Plant-Tonic It makes a good foliar feed as well.

22 03 2009
Nettle Season Begins « Feasting in the Skagit foodshed

[…] Season Begins In Recipe, Wild Edibles on March 22, 2009 at 16:29 I’ve posted about nettles before and have been excitedly anticipating their arrival. There’s been a lot of snow this winter […]

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