Saturday Night’s Alright . . .

31 03 2007

. . . for a pint after working hard all day in the woodlot! Cascadia has myriad offerings and quite a few in Skagit County even, but tonight’s brew comes from Birdsview Brewing in the eastern part of the county. We got some sun and a pint each in the beer garden in the afternoon and refilled the growler with their fine porter for the evening.

Birdsview Growler

If you don’t wish to drive all the way out to Birdsview, some of their offerings can be enjoyed at both The Porterhouse and Althea’s in Mount Vernon. Watch for it at your favorite watering hole!




3 responses

24 05 2007

Hi there! I just found your blog and find the concept very exciting. I hope you haven’t ceased writing due to lack of readership. I’ll try and pass it around to some of my people to build some interest. I quite like the 3 posts so far, and that porter….mmmmmmmm…..

24 05 2007

Thank you! Actually I was slightly deluded to think that I could blog, work and plant the garden at the same time! Since I hadn’t advertised, I felt safe in ignoring it while I played outside. 😉 Now that I’ve been “outed”, I’ll have to get back to it … after I set out my tomatoes.

24 05 2007

Hi Saara,
Saxtor passed on your blog and I’m pleased to bookmark it. I’m looking forward to your postings. I’ve never tried nettles, don’t know that I will, but it is “food for thought”.

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