Quick and easy breakfast

4 04 2007

Gee whiz, all this foraging and running around the valley buying things from farms. What a pain in the tuckus! Isn’t there anything I can find at the grocery store?


milk & cereal

Check it out! Costco, intermittently, carries Nature’s Path cereals. Nature’s Path is located up in Blaine. Their cereals are also widely available at your standard corporate grocery. Lynden’s Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy’s milk is also distributed widely in Whatcom County and found at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.

At least breakfast is taken care of. I’ll have to tell you about coffee later, sorry. 😀





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15 06 2007

I just today learned that Fresh Breeze milk is what is known as ‘small vat pasteurized”. This means that the milk is heated to only 145 degrees for only 30 minutes. Standard milk pasteurization heats the 161 degrees for 15-20 seconds. UHT pasteurization brings milk to 250 degrees for a ‘fraction of a second’. This is also known as ultra-pasteurized which is common with some creams.

26 08 2007
Patti Santangelo

What about Cascadian Farms cereals and other breakfast food from Sedro-Wooley?

26 08 2007

Cascadian is on the list and will be featured at some point. Thanks!

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