Violas & Claytonia

14 04 2007

Spring is bringing flowers! Time to eat them. 🙂


Viola sempervirens

Violas are a delicate blossom which is relatively easy to identify. Make sure to pick these and any other wildflowers where their environment is fairly clean. I usually find them out wandering in the forest.


Claytonia sibirica


Siberian miner’s lettuce is another wonderful option. I have let a patch of it grow in my garden for easy access. It is also known variously as purslane and spring beauty.

Other edible flower options can be found at What’s Cooking America. Another great local resource for weed-eating is Suzanne Nagler at her Cedar Mountain Herb School. Take one of her classes or chat with her at her booth Saturday’s at Bellingham’s Farmer’s Market or some Wednesdays at the Sedro-Woolley Farmer’s Market.





3 responses

20 11 2008
Suzanne Jordan

Thank you for adding me to your blog. My name, currently, is Suzanne Jordan. Times change. I still can be found at The website has been updated with workshops, Botanical Series and my Apprenticeship Program for the 2009 year along with herbal articles, natural herbal remedies and much more. I can still be found at the Bellingham Farmers’ Market which runs through the 20th of December.
I don’t see anywhere on this blog regarding your name. Have we met? Have you taken a workshop with me?

20 11 2008

Thanks for the update, Suzanne! We’ve met at the Sedro-Woolley Farmer’s Market. I think we discussed health insurance for the self-employed.

26 05 2009
Growing Challenge Check In #1 « Garden Journal

[…] of edibles that grow all on their own such as Urtica dioica (stinging nettles), Claytonia sibirica (Spring Beauty or Miner’s Lettuce), Epilobium angustifolium (fireweed), Rubus spectabilis (salmonberry), […]

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