Wildflower Salad & Maple Blossoms

15 04 2007

It’s tax time and money’s running a little tight, nothing’s been planted in the garden yet or, if it has, it certainly hasn’t come up. The asparagus is still a ways off in most of our home gardens! What do you if you don’t have a coldframe full of early salad greens? Go wander the streets?! Well, yes. 🙂


maple blossoms


Remember all those big leaf maple branches that blew down in the last wind? They’re blooming and within reach now. When the flowers are still fairly tight, just pinch them off at the base and drop them in your basket. You won’t need many as they’re wonderfully large. Leave the leaf matter behind. It is edible, but the horses down the lane will appreciate it more than you. Maple leaves do make for nice presentation under a cheese or as an impromptu napkin later in the season.


wildflower salad

With a few other native spring edibles, it’s easy to quickly gather up an elegant salad. I enjoyed this one with a simple dressing of apple cider vinegar and EVOO. Check your local library for books on our native edible plants. If you’re expecting a fat return, perhaps a class at the North Cascades Institute is in order.




2 responses

20 04 2008
Valerie Gillespie

I was happy to find this article on edible big leaf Maple blossoms. I made a yummy salad with lots of them and cut up orange, apple, raisins, sunflower seeds, mayo with a dash of curry.

24 04 2008

Sounds delicious, Valerie! I haven’t been able to reach any maple blossoms so far, but have been enjoying nettles, miner’s lettuce and violas so far. Can’t wait for the morels!

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