Skagit CSA’s

1 07 2007

What’s better than dropping in on your local Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning or Wednesday afternoon and visiting with all our local farmers and buying some fresh-picked produce? Having a weekly subscription to the same and picking up a box of goodies. It’s like Christmas every week!

CSA basket

Jericho Farm is using us as their guinea pig customer this year to see if a CSA is viable in the Upper Skagit area. My mother has a subscription to Hedlin Family Farm and picks up at the hospital in Anacortes every Tuesday. According to Riversong Farm also provides shares in Mount Vernon. As you visit the local markets this summer, be sure to tell our farmers if you’re interested in having a CSA share! Pre-purchasing produce and sharing in the risks of farming helps keep our local food producers working to feed us all!






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3 07 2007

The Hedlin Farms CSA is indeed a little gift every week. I am learning new recipes and what to do with produce I’ve never tried before. The tomatoes, peapods & strawberries have been the highlight so far, though. This subscription was a gift from Saxtor, but we’re in for next year, for sure.

3 07 2007

Just left the previous comment under the wrong e-mail address.

3 07 2007

No problem with the identity crisis. 😉 How you doing on that monster head of lettuce in last week’s Hedlin box?! Mom shared her goodies with me. It weighed about 2.5 pounds!

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