A Little Bit of India

23 07 2007

I’m wandering a little further afield today, but eating local doesn’t mean it can’t be a little exotic! We love Indian food, but ever since Sunrise (on Riverside) was replaced by yet another Mexican chain restaurant, we’ve mostly had to make it ourselves. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it might seem a bit intimidating at first.

There are Patak’s cooking sauces, curry pastes and chutneys to get you started, but they are based in England and are part of Melting Pot Foods, LLC here in the US which is based in Delaware and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods and had net sales of nearly $6 million in 2006. Let’s spread some wealth around, shall we?

Taaza whole milk yogurt

Down in Sammamish, Washington we have Meghana Foods, Inc. who make a line of Indian food products going by the brand Taaza. They make cooking sauces, chutneys, spices, rice mix and ghee. Shop online or check out their extensive list of stores. I bought their ghee at an international market south of Seattle and this yogurt came from Haggen in Burlington.

Another Indian food which you might not be inclined to make yourself is paneer. Appel Farms in Ferndale can make it for you! I’ve found their paneer at the co-op and again at Haggen occasionally. (Appel Farms also makes quark which can be tricky to find. Find it at the co-op as well.) If you want to make your own paneer with some wonderful local milk, you will find a recipe with beautiful photographic instruction at Mahanandi.

What about the spices? Well, spices have been traded around the world for centuries so they’re not really part of the new problem with industrial food transport. Besides they’re used in small quantities and keep well if kept cool, dry and whole. The best way to purchase spices would be from a small spice shop with good turnover to insure freshness. In Whatcom County, there is The Spice Hut which has an excellent variety of teas as well. Can you say Market Spice tea? 🙂 When in Seattle, spend the day at World Spice Merchants or order online.

Oh dear, I really shouldn’t have opened that page. Luckily we got that tree off the driveway so the UPS guy doesn’t have to hang the parcel off the branch again!





5 responses

25 07 2007
Barbara Miles

Hi there Saara! Are you sedge laptop from RFC? I lurked there for several years, and always enjoyed your posts – a girl who can make gourmet meals over a Coleman stove! How impressive your skills are! Nice to hear about you again – Fosco’s little column is where I found you name – I always loved whatever he shared, too. Keep up the good work! I was always sorry my husband and I were too old to drive to Wenatchee for the wedding of Kilikini and the Fat Man – I would love to have shown up with a cake! Take care!


25 07 2007

Howdy Barbara! Yes, one and the same. What a good memory too, it’s been years since I’ve posted to RFC! I’m still active in ABF as is Fosco. Thanks for the nice comments, you’re making me blush. The wedding was great fun! You should have showed up with a cake, as it was, I made them a carrot cake and I think it was munched up. They didn’t even know it was good for them! 😉
Thanks for commenting and I hope you keep reading!

25 07 2007

Holy crap! This is huge. Someone whom I don’t even know is reading my blog! Barbara, I love you. Please leave me a comment sometime.

As for the carrot cake, Saara. We were all far too drunk to even care if it was good for us.;-) But I do remember enjoying it.

18 10 2007
sarah gray

I can’t believe that stuff is kosher!
(I am having a great time reading your blog, btw!~)

19 10 2007

Thanks, Sarah! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Kosher and halal are good features in a product in my opinion. Not so much for the blessing, but for the rules. Halal meats are by default organic, for example.

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