This little piggy’s market

15 08 2007

I had mentioned in an earlier post about buying beef by the whole, half or quarter and filling up your freezer. Well, what if you don’t have anything but that small space above or below the refrigerator or just need dinner? The Lopez Community Land Trust has developed a Mobile Processing Unit and the Island Grown Farmer’s Cooperative operates a retail location on D’Arcy Road in Bow.

Unassuming on the outside, the inside holds many treats. In addition to the standard cuts, they also have sausages and bacon.

Breakfast links

On Fridays and Saturdays (10am-6pm), you can purchase pork, grass-fed beef and lamb. Everything is frozen so bring a cooler and you can stock up a little even. We had the links for breakfast on Saturday and they were delicious. Very flavorful and not greasy. Had I been making gravy, I would have had to add some butter, but I’m not about to complain about that!

Northwest grown ranch meats

Personally, I’m thrilled to have a local source for happy pork that is convenient to the dairy where I pick up milk. I look forward to sampling more of their wares particularly lamb and chevon. This is a great easy way to support our local ranchers!

Note: Nina Planck was featured on KUOW’s Speaker’s Forum Thursday night and she mentioned the mobile processing unit in the beginning of her talk. The rest of it is interesting as well. Listen.




6 responses

16 08 2007
James Fiedler

Can you ask if the pork is totally grassfed? I raise pastured pork but have talked to no one who has ‘successfully’ raised it without some grain unless the dairy people do that with only whey.

16 08 2007

James, I doubt that the pork is only grass-fed. I know that Skagit River Ranch feeds both their certified organic and not certified pigs a blend of organic grains (flax, corn, wheat). Samish Bay Cheese raises some pigs and they are whey-fed. I don’t know if they amend with any grains. I’m going to assume that all the pigs get plenty of fruits and veggies too. 🙂 One home pig farmer was using spent grains from Birdsview Brewing! For me the most important thing is that they’re raised on pasture and treated well. As someone who eats pork, I’m more concerned with that than even whether the feed is 100% organic as long as it is, more or less, something I would eat myself ie. no garbage, litter and blood or the other things they allow.

The beef at IGFC is allowed only grass and legumes. Hemlock Highlands finishes with grain, but you can have a grass-finished beef if you buy a whole.

Hopefully that information helps you. I didn’t mean to imply that the pork was also just grass-fed. It was late when I proofread and missed that! I shall fix it. Thanks for reading!

16 08 2007
chris pez

i’m soooooo jealous. i’m finding, in researching all our sourcers, that meat is the hardest thing to come by. sure, there’s operations like Carlton Farms Pork and Strawberry Hill Beef which are great, great operations but there’s not a lot that focuses on the consumer side. i’ve wondered if it’s because portland tends to lean towards people who are interested in this subject being vegetarian. i’m hoping to get enough slow food carnivores together to make a large enough group to make it worthwhile for a local pig farmer or rancher to start doing meat shares. but until then, it’s slim pickin’s.
again, i’m jealous.

16 08 2007

Chris, I believe part of the issue is that the Skagit Valley is for the most part rural and Portland is, of course, a big city. 🙂 The Oregon Country ranches are spread all over. See where the co-op sources its meats. Good luck!

26 08 2007
Patti Santangelo

Have you checked out the new Anacortes meat market that just opened up across from the Safeway on 10th or 11th street between Commercial and Q streets?

26 08 2007

Thanks for the tip, Patti! I will check it out next time I’m in town.

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