Pull up a toadstool!

20 08 2007

You might be lamenting this rain because it’s cutting into your summer, but the rains have some benefit besides not having to water the garden for a day or two.

Puffballs & chanterelles

Grab a mushroom book and off to the forest for some hunting. I hadn’t even planned on looking when I went out, but it pays to carry a poo bag at all times! Actually a couple since you wouldn’t want to dump your treasure when the mutt decided to answer the call. 😉
Puffballs, chanterelles and oyster mushrooms are all very easy to positively identify. Still it pays to be careful and have a good book with large color pictures. Some good websites are listed here.

Oyster mushrooms in woodshed

By the way, it doesn’t hurt to look close to home either. I found these nice oyster mushrooms in the woodshed and I’ve seen boletes and morels in the yard.

Happy hunting!




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11 10 2008
Mushrooms « Feasting in the Skagit foodshed

[…] still working on the boletes (there’s hundreds of them – not all good) and blewits. Puffballs are also a good mushroom, but Keith doesn’t seem to like them so we’ve stopped picking […]

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