Pardon the mess

28 08 2007

Partially because of a disappointment with my web host and partially because Portland, OR is closer than Trumbull, CT, I am in the process of moving everything over to a new site called ThinkHost, Inc.

“Green web hosting powered by renewable wind and solar energy. Your carbon neutral account supports a more earth friendly future.”

So, please be patient while the new site propagates. The blog is on WordPress so the text will not be affected, but my photos are on my site so they may be temporarily unavailable. Once things get switched over, I’ll have more room to post higher resolution photos so that will be nice.




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29 08 2007

Excited that they may use actual wind/solar power to run their hosting services, I see that ThinkHost uses carbon offset certificates. That said, if you’re interested in a local company that also does carbon offsetting, look at Bellingham’s HardLines. I can’t personally vouch for them, but I know that much about them.

29 08 2007

Thanks for that tip, Saxtor! I tried to find a host here in Skagit, but couldn’t find one that fit my needs. Once I saw this one, I sort of stopped looking. There’s also down in Vancouver, WA, but they had the typical email file size limit which is a problem for my work.

29 08 2007

I found a couple more links from Treehugger to green webhost sites.
This old one and this newer one seem to cover a bunch of them. Of them, Aiso appears to generate their own power.

30 08 2007

Cool! There’s quite a few states and even Canada with green(er) webhosting services. I guess I should have made more of a posting on this topic instead of just an excuse. I appreciate your legwork on this! 🙂
As of this morning, my site still hasn’t propagated, but this is just slowness on the part of internet elves and has nothing to do with the host.

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