Corny Day

8 09 2007

One of the best things about summer is fresh corn on the cob! Beginning in August we start seeing the first cobs showing up at the co-op, at Sakuma’s farm or at the various small roadside farmstands. The cardboard signs with CORN hang off nearly every corner power pole and stop sign in the county. Makeshift tables are stacked high with cobs picked first thing in the morning and most often there is just a cash box for your dollar. The honor system is alive and well with corn. Life is good!

20 ears of corn

A few weeks of arduous tasting of ears “harvested” from here and there and when the flavor is the best or the prices drop from 4/$1 to 8/$1 and it’s time to fill up a bag and shuck a bunch. A quick 4 or so minute dip into a large pot of simmering water and a chilling dunk into a cooling vat of ice water and we’re on to the next phase.


This looks a bit phallic, but it’s the safe way to steady the corn when slicing the kernels off the cob. Most of the kernels can be guided into the angel food cake pan which will minimize the potential mess. Also it eliminates the possibility of having the cob and knife slip dangerously on a cutting board. You don’t have to cut them off the cob either. I usually put up a few parboiled whole cobs for later. I’ll leave a bit of husk on for protection, but strip the silk.

11 x 12 oz. kernel corn

I prefer to vacuum pack the corn, but it can be frozen many different ways. One option is to do like berries and freeze them on baking sheets after separating the kernels and then pack into zipped freezer bags.

Frozen corn isn’t terribly expensive generally, but it’s also not very flavorful. I spent $5 on 20 ears of corn which I processed into eleven 12-ounce bags which works out to about 4 cents/ounce. Currently there is a sale on a 10 ounce box of Green Giant frozen corn for $1.50. A small amount of work and I have a very sweet deal. This winter I’ll be able to pull a little bit of Skagit summer onto our table. 🙂




2 responses

19 09 2007

That is a really great idea for catching the kernels! I’m gonna have to try that.

19 09 2007

Just be careful about whacking the knife against the edge of the pan. You could possibly not use your favorite Henkels for the job. Thanks for reading and commenting, Nate!

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