A Day of Rest

9 09 2007

What with all the canning, freezing and dehydrating going on, this month is proving to be a lot of work. Well, take a day off and keep in the spirit of the Eat Local Challenge by visiting one of our great restaurants that feature local foods.

Rhody Cafe, Bow

One such place is The Rhody Cafe in Bow. The website has the current menu and directions.

After your meal, check out The BreadFarm, Farm to Market Bakery and Slough Food in nearby Edison. Samish Bay Cheese isn’t far away nor is the Golden Glen Creamery.

Seafood Curry

Bon appetit!




2 responses

18 09 2007
Steve Lospalluto

Hi, nice blog. My favorite Skagit restaurant is Nell Thorn in La Conner.Well, I may be biased since they come to my market garden, Dunbar Gardens, to buy produce. But I do know that they are buying direct from several local, organic farms and often shopping at the SV food co-op as well.Just last week, chef/owners Casey and Susan picked up Sungold cherry tomatoes, red slicers, eggplant, zucchini, sweet corn, poblano peppers, cannellini shelling beans, green beans, sweet onions, arugula, chard, escarole, Orcas pears, and Burgundy apples from my farm. Give them a try; I think they walk the talk of supporting local producers. Thanks, Steve

18 09 2007

Thanks, Steve! Nell Thorn is on my short list of restaurants to visit and I had planned on featuring them once I did. Apparently I’ll have to stop by and visit your farmstand on my way. I may need to discuss a bread rising basket as well. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and mentioning both your farm and the restaurant. I shall see you soon!

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