Keeping mushrooms

12 09 2007

Usually when we pick a mess of chanterelles, we just brush them off, plunk them into a hot pan of butter and garlic, and finish with some cream. This is heaven on toast, pasta, potatoes or a spoon. Sometimes nature can surprise you with a bit of a bounty so then you consider keeping some for one of the upcoming holiday meals.

1 pound chanterelles

In the past, I’ve done all of the above except the cream and have frozen them. It works great, but is a little more work than I want to do. This year I decided to dry them instead.

Chanterelles in dehydrator

I just brushed them clean and cut them into smallish pieces and loaded the dehydrator. Keep the pieces big enough so that they don’t disappear when dry! You can also dry them whole which makes for nicer presentation should you be giving them as gifts or something. It will just take a bit longer to finish.

Chanterelles dried

A few hours later, there you are! Mushrooms reduced to nearly nothing. 😉 I started with just over a pound of mushrooms and ended up with 2.5 ounces. I vacuum suck them into a wide mouth canning jar, but they can be kept in any lidded jar in a cool, dry location.

By the way, sherry makes an excellent rehydrating solution!




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4 11 2007
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[…] a chanterelle chowder that I made with my own Ozette spuds, chanterelles from BC (could have been wild-harvested locally, but these were fresh in the fridge, the others are dried in the cupboard), and whole milk from […]

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