28 09 2007

Halfway through the trip and I learned a new word! The context was part of a presentation at the WILL conference (which is the reason for our sojourn in Kennewick), but I realized that it is what we are all doing when we purchase directly from farmers and producers. Wikipedia defines disintermediation as the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: “cutting out the middleman”. However, they also state that this has failed as it relates to groceries. Maybe as a business model for Webvan, but certainly not as a grassroots movement. Besides, isn’t Webvan and its ilk just another intermediary?

Anyway, the conference is over today and the rains have started so I guess that means that we’re packing up the menagerie and recommencing the camping portion of the trip! I will post what I can before we leave and then resume once we return home.

Happy trails!




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