Festival of Family Farms

5 10 2007

This weekend is your chance to check out many of our local family farms and find out about what they do and how they do it. Put on your raingear and bring the whole family!

Skagit Valley Farm Tour

Many of the locations will have tastings or the opportunity to purchase products. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn how to eat more locally and meet the farmers and ranchers that make it all possible. See you there!

Also in your wanderings, you might consider a few stops that are not part of the festival, but might be on your way between farm visits: Tenneson Family Farm (raw milk, whey-fed pork, beef, eggs, honey and cheese), Rexville Grocery’s flea market, Dunbar Gardens farmstand, Jones Creek Farms and, of course, the many small corn and produce stands along the side of the road. 🙂

Keep in mind that these other farms are not part of the festival and so they are most likely limited to their usual offerings. Don’t expect special events, but do take advantage of being in their area. Also keep in mind that these are working farms and leave your dog in the car or at home and keep your kids in check for everyone’s enjoyment and safety.




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