The Lincoln

24 10 2007

As the leaves fall and the rains force us inside, it’s a good time for a movie, play and other indoor activities. One of our great local venues is the Lincoln Theatre in downtown Mount Vernon. We were there just last week enjoying a talk and discussion headed by Dr. Philip Mote a research scientist (and Nobel Prize Winner!) at the University of Washington about how global warming is affecting our region.

Lincoln Theatre at night

Besides timely discussions about current events, The Lincoln features a broad spectrum of films, plays, music and other local entertainment. Check their calendar page for more information about what’s showing. Where else can you see The Rocky Horror Picture Show locally? 🙂

The Lincoln is a non-profit organization and has a membership which is reasonable at $45/family. You don’t have to be a member to enjoy any of their offerings. However, if you are a member, you’ll get a 10% discount at many local eateries, $1 off most admission tickets, and access to their wonderful rental video/DVD library which will take care of some of the other rainy nights that we have in store.




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24 10 2007

The Lincoln is one of my most favorite places in the area. I can eventually see most of the movies I want to see there (between it an the Pickford, I’d say I can bat 80%) and it’s conveniently located right in my path during my commute.

So deep is my love for the Lincoln (and my laziness to check their website regularly) that I made an RSS feed so their calendar can always be at my fingertips. If you’re RSS inclined, please add this to your reader!

24 10 2007

Thanks for the RSS feed suggestion, Saxtor! We like ideas that make it easier to be lazy. 🙂 If someone isn’t RSS inclined, they have a weekly email newsletter and, of course, membership gets you the monthly schedule and newspaper in snail mail.

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