What’s popping?

2 11 2007

I meant to make this blog post last Thursday, but a large project landed on my desk and I’ve had my nose to the grindstone since. Self-employment is feast or famine and, apparently, it’s a feast moment for me right now although you wouldn’t know it since I’ve barely had time to eat. Normally projects don’t take a week and a day, but this started at about 10% completed and had to go to 90% as quickly as possible. Usually things move a little more gradually than that. Of course, the engineer is the one that has to work the weekend (if he so chooses) depending on when he’s scheduled submittal. Meanwhile other projects have piled up so I’ll probably be slaving away part of my weekend as well. I’m just happy to catch up a little on my blogging and web surfing tonight. 🙂

So what’s popping? Well, popcorn, of course! The photo is from last year, but it’s from the same source. We had ours simply with salt and butter, but the maple-baked popcorn is quite worthy.

Maple baked popcorn

Of course, you might not associate popcorn and Washington, but in fact, we have a dedicated Starving Popcorn Farmer in  Grant County. He grows only white Japanese hulless which he has decided is the only popcorn worth popping. We tend to agree. It certainly cuts down on the time spent trying to pick hulls out of our gums and is quite tasty. 🙂 Since Quincy might be a bit out of your reach at this time of year, you can avail yourself of his online store.

We picked up our 25 lb. bucket of popcorn kernels at the White Trail Produce stand in Quincy. That should last us over the winter. As an aside, our CSA provided us with some popcorn this summer too. It was deliciously nutty and we had the last of it just recently. It goes to show that delicious popcorn can be grown on the Westside as well. We can leave the ethanol corn farming to the big square states!




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9 04 2011
K. McIntyre

I recently purchased the Starving Farmer Japanese White Hulless popcorn, and found it to be not only tough, but it certainly wasn’t hulless. If the Starving Farmer isn’t starving, he should be for selling something that isn’t as advertised. I certainly wouldn’t buy any more.

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