Local Thanksgiving 2007

25 11 2007

Most of the leftovers have been eaten and another Thanksgiving is behind us. This year we hosted so we participated in the 2nd annual 100-mile Thanksgiving. We didn’t manage to get everything within 100 miles, but we did fairly well.

TDay table before

Since our main ingredient was a 25 lb. turkey organically free-ranged in Snohomish County and we ended up only totaling to 5 people this year, we opted for the smaller organic free-range Diestel turkey raised in California. Turkamungus is still in the freezer waiting for a debut later in the season. 🙂

Other menu items were smashed potatoes (garden), green beans (CSA) with a chanterelle sauce (foraged), BreadFarm bread stuffing with bacon (Silvana), chestnuts (Loomis) and onions (Hedlin), cranberry sauce (BC), bacon (Hempler’s) cornbread (corn – CSA), miche and Tonasket rye bread (BreadFarm), and nibbles of multigrain crackerbread (Haggen) and an assortment of local cheeses (Golden Glen, Mount Townsend, Samish Bay, Pleasant Valley and Beecher’s), smoked salmon (Blaine), cervelat salami (Silvana), and fresh walnuts (Loomis). Drinks were kir royales (Chateau Ste. Michelle sparkling wine and Samson winery cassis), 2003 Lost River Cabernet (Mazama), 2004 Glacier Peak syrah and eggnog (Golden Glen). Desserts were squash tart (garden) with a walnut crust (Loomis) and an apple crisp with apples from Blaine.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!




2 responses

26 11 2007

Sorry I missed you in my roundup – I’ll get you added back in tonight. We’ve left gigantor in the freezer as well since we were only 6. Of course we still ended up with 23 lbs of turkey… He’ll make his appearance in Feb.

26 11 2007

No problem! I just took a little siesta from the computer this weekend. My thoughts are with you and your grandmother.

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