On the Road Again

30 11 2007

Over the river and thru the wood to grandfather’s house we go … (full lyrics)

Not really, we’re actually headed down to Portland for a friend’s 50th birthday celebration this weekend. Does this mean that eating local is out the window while we’re on the road? Absolutely not! Portland is a wonderful food town with many restaurants that source locally. Won’t be a problem. See Foodshed PDX for some suggestions when headed that way.

Meanwhile there’s a lot of highway between Concrete and Portland. We’re likely to get a little hungry between here and there, but since we’re heading out on a Friday we’re already dealing with a lot of logistics just getting through Everett-Olympia without using I-5 as a parking lot. What to do? Pit-stopping in Seattle might be delicious, but it would take too much time since I have a long shopping list for Bob’s Red Mill to take care of before the party. This means we’ll need some ‘short duration’ food.

BurgerVille logo

No MickeyD’s or BK scary meat for us, we have BurgerVille! Perhaps you haven’t heard of this small chain, but next time you’re in southwest Washington or northwest Oregon, give them a visit. They have delicious Oregon Country Beef burgers with Tillamook cheddar. Can you beat that? Maybe with a Wild Coho Smoked Salmon & Hazelnut Salad for $5.29? 🙂

While you’re waiting to go there in person, click through to BV’s News & Events page and watch the online version of Nightline. There’s a short piece on fast food in general and an interview with Eric Schlosser who authored Fast Food Nation. If BurgerVille is good enough for Eric Schlosser, it’s good enough for me! The Walla Walla onion rings and blackberry shakes are to die for, but you have to wait until summer. Meanwhile it’s sweet potato fries season and I just got a free coupon. Time to hit the road!




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2 12 2007
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