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5 12 2007

What does Washington have in common with Georgia? Peaches? Not really, Georgia may be the peach state, but it’s also the Kitty Litter Capital of America. But look out, Ferndale is poised to become the Kitty Litter Capital of the world!

Healthy Pet Cat Litter

Should we care? Possibly not, but this does mean that we can choose to use a safe, environmental cat litter made in Whatcom county instead of shipping mined clay all the way from Georgia just so Mittens can do his business.

Absorption Corp. of Ferndale, WA a subsidiary of International Absorbents, Inc. of Vancouver, BC states on its website:

Absorption Corp is engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of proprietary, cost-effective absorbent products derived from reclaimed wood fiber (cellulose), a by-product of the pulp and paper manufacturing process.

The Company’s environmentally-safe, non-toxic, lightweight products are utilized in a broad range of industrial, agricultural and consumer applications.  These applications include retail/commercial animal bedding and litter, oil and hazardous spill cleanup and control, oil/water filtration, hydro-mulch and packaging.

Look for Healthy Pet cat litter in the local pet stores such as Walker’s Healthy Pet and at Skagit (and Whatcom) Farmer’s Supply or Del’s Farm Supply. If you don’t see it in your local store, ask for it! There’s nothing more appropriate for your kitty’s waste stream than a recycled product that has been kept out of our municipal waste stream. 😉

And what if you’re in Georgia? Absorption Corp. has a plant there as well. That should make everyone purr.




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12 06 2008
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