News for the New Year

28 12 2007

In the spirit of the New Year, I’ll be making a few changes around here. I’ll continue to seek out our Skagit Valley treasures as before, but over the winter, I’ll be catching up with myself and posting about my late summer trip to Eastern Washington so if you go over the pass next summer, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of what’s available. I have a lot of local things to blog about too so never fear.

What I am doing is adding a companion blog, Skagit Cooks (SC), so I’ll be able to provide you with more information about all the good seasonal foods in our valley! It’s nice to know that you can eat nettles, but it’s nicer to have a recipe or two with that knowledge. I’ve got about 20 interesting things that can be done with apples alone, but I hadn’t wanted to bog down this informational blog with recipes. Now there’ll be a place for just that.

What I’ll do here is post as usual about a farm or product local to our area (just the facts, ma’am) and then link a companion post on SC which utilizes it in a recipe. As I add recipes and suggestions, there’ll be more of a database for using our local fruit, vegetables and other foods in season. The focus here will be the hunting and gathering and over there it will be the cooking and eating. Some judicious cross-linking should keep us all on the same page.

I’ve been surprised and pleased at the response to this blog in its short life so far. I started it without giving it too much thought, but wanting a way to help promote our local agricultural community. I’m still just exploring around the county, buying up the fruits of other resident’s labors, and reporting on it. A simple formula that I hope is being useful.

In the new year, I’ll also be adding some local non-food businesses as well. We have a very vibrant local economy and with tougher economic times ahead for everyone, we should spend our dollars wisely close to home. This keeps the taxes we have to pay here in the community where they can benefit everyone and helps to keep our citizens employed.

I appreciate the comments both online and off, and I hope I’ve been able to help people make their own discoveries about our wonderful local food resources. Since I hadn’t stated it before, I don’t let anyone know beforehand that I’m doing a post on them so I’m just another customer. I have to say, though, it’s rare to ever feel like “just another customer” when doing business in the valley. Every interaction and transaction is a positive experience and it’s a treat to get to visit and catch up with the goings on. I’m missing all the produce farmers at this time of year, but spring will be here soon and shortly after the first plantings, the visits will begin again. I’m excited to see then what they’re planning for us now.

With that, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2008!





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