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24 04 2008

Another day of cold rain and another day needing a fire, but things are greening up and there have been nettles and Claytonia to munch on. Can planting be too far behind? Patience.

Meanwhile, I’ve found a few things that should be useful for everyone:

An easy-to-use search for things in season right here in the PNW at Seasonal Cornucopia. If you leave all fields blank, you’ll get a lovely long list of all the foods that are best right now. You can also restrict results to certain categories such as fruits, vegetables, foraged edibles and so on. This is a wonderful tool and my hat is off to the hard-working people that took the time and effort to create it.

Slow Food Skagit River Salish Sea finally has a website online. There’s a Skagivore event at the co-op on April 29th which should be a good venue to learn more about the local slow food movement. See you there? 🙂

Craigslist has a Skagit community finally!

In other news, there is now an edibleSeattle publication! Of course it is focused down south, but it might be worth a look next time you’re nosing around Whole Foods or Pcc. Meanwhile, check out their Resources
tab for a great set of links. They also have a blog Fresh Sheet which may prove to be interesting.

Speaking of blogs, I’ve found a few new ones with some local’ish interest:

Eat Local Northwest – Seattle

Wild Food Plants – CA (but we share many wild edibles)

Let me know if you have a local blog and I’ll post it to my blogroll.

Power for the People

Of concern to us all is the pending sale of Puget Sound Energy to the Australian

Macquarie Consortium.

We went to a community meeting (AWARE) here at the Concrete Senior Center last Thursday where the potential for a purchase of Skagit County’s assets with the Skagit County P.U.D. was discussed. Representative Kirk Pearson was in attendance and seemed to be interested in the matter as well. This was encouraging. We as citizens need to ask for this and act on it, however, or our electrical services and possibly the vital control of the Skagit River will be in the hands of an overseas absentee landlord.

Here is a brief overview compiled at (Guemes).

Fill out the poll at the Skagit County P.U.D. website.

Come to the public hearing at the Bellingham Senior Activity Center on May 20th. If you’re in East Skagit, come to the AWARE community meeting on May 15th (?) at 7pm as well.

In addition to the people mentioned in the LineTime overview, write to your elected representatives: Christine Gregoire, Rob McKenna, Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Rick Larsen, Val Stevens, Dan Kristiansen, Kirk Pearson, and Commissioner Jim Cook and General Manager David Johnson of Skagit P.U.D. (If you’re not in the 39th District, you might have to find your own representative.)

This is our opportunity to wrest our power utility from private hands and into a public cooperative form of management. It will most likely be a tough fight, but the outcome will be worth it: local ownership of our resources and assets with no skimming of (at minimum) 10% of profits off to line the pockets of foreign

If you are unsure about the sale, now is the time to educate yourself on this issue. The deep pockets advertising campaign will begin soon to try to convince you that selling our rights off to foreign interests is a good idea. It is not.

Read “The Pros and Cons of Private Provision of Water and Electricity Service: A Handbook for Evaluating Rationales” (HTML) and other informative articles at that link.

Also Beyond Privatization: Restructuring Water Systems to Improve Performance (PDF link to report)

P.S. I’m having some formatting issues, I apologize.




2 responses

29 04 2008

thanks for the mention of my site. another tip… you can also hit the button “what’s in season now?” to get the entire list of currently available foods. Happy Spring everyone.


2 05 2008

Thanks for the mention! Look forward to more postings from your blog about what you’re growing/finding/cooking/eating up your way.

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