9 05 2008

I guess we’ll be enjoying local eggs some time late this summer! We’ve taken the plunge into chicken husbandry. We’ve started small with just two hens (Dorie and Julia) and a rooster (Alton) of the Gold Lace Wyandotte variety. We’ll see how it goes!

Alton rooster

Needless to say, we’ve been busy around here building a pen and staring at chickens.

Meanwhile, we’re off to hunt morels this morning. I found one yesterday growing in the driveway of all things.




5 responses

9 05 2008

do keep us updated on how your chicken husbandry is going!

13 05 2008

You are now officially too cool for me to talk to. I would love to do that, but the neighbors, I’m afraid, would really crow if I did. (Boooo)

Hey, Saara. Check out http://dirty-fosco.blogspot.com. The garden is getting fiered up. Any input will, of course, be appreciated, but is not required.;-)

13 05 2008

BTW, I love this site. Very cool. And a nice read, also.

14 05 2008

Thanks, guys!
You could always get one hen, Fosco. Rooster is not required. It seems you have your hands full though. 🙂 I love your new blog about the community garden!
Nate, are you and Annie doing a tomato blog? *hint*
Here’s mine http://foodweb.wordpress.com/ and I need to update it with my notes. However, that’s pretty much what it looks like right now too.

23 05 2008

Hey Saara. The latest development is that Answer Man is considering adding chickens to the whole community garden thing. We apparently have much more room than I ever knew we had. go figure. its all in the blog so I won’t go into it here, but color me fired up, baby!

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