WUTC Hearing on PSE buyout

21 05 2008

Last night’s WUTC hearing in Bellingham was well-attended and nearly half of the public spoke out in opposition to the PSE takeover by Macquarie. Way to go!

Here is the Bellingham Herald’s story on the hearing.

Ed Jenkin’s has built a Save Puget Sound Energy website with lots of information about what is happening, who is involved and what you can do. The WUTC is taking letters and comments until July 31st. Write!

Also a few of us think that this is a good topic for Steve Scher’s Weekday program on KUOW since it seems there is not enough public discussion about the sale. If you agree, send Steve an email or give a call.

KSVR also recorded last night’s hearing so hopefully they will air it or some portion soon. I’ll post if I learn anything about that.

In my opinion, this is not the time to be selling off our electrical grid and power generation assets to a private foreign entity. It is a good time to consider forming a Skagit County Electricity P.U.D. Let’s work on preventing the leveraged buyout of PSE first.




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