Salmon Nation excursion

27 05 2008

Blue Salmon

There has been a lot going on here lately with a general rush to get the garden planted since the weather warmed up suddenly. This has meant long days out planting seed while generally dodging raindrops. Typical spring around here, but it certainly saves on watering.

On Friday morning, we leave for the northern end of our Salmon Nation and a quick visit to Prince William Sound! Unfortunately our visit will be quite short, but we consider it an advance scouting trip for a longer more thorough adventure in the future.

On Thursday, we’re going on a tour with some of the AWARE group and PSE of the Upper and Lower Baker Dams! We’ll probably get  some of our questions about the conditions and operations of the dams and I’ll report back on that if we learn anything important to the Valley’s welfare. I’m not sure if discussion of the merger is on the agenda.

I haven’t yet decided if I’m taking my laptop to Alaska and I’m unsure about connectivity if I do so it might not be until I return midweek for any pertinent updates.




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