23 06 2008

My second post on ELA about eating local chicken.

Some of the information has been posted here before, but Keith and Dave actually butchered, plucked and processed two meat birds that Dave raised. We then went over and shared a lovely roasted chicken dinner! There are a couple of chicken pics on ELA, but I’ll share here a bonus that we enjoyed before our meal.




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24 06 2008

I am so envious! The one thing I haven’t done yet is chicken butchering. We’ve killed them, and eaten them, but I don’t know the finer points of butchering. When I was a kid, my dad would do the killing, mom would pluck, dad would gut, then mom would cook. But it was pretty rare, since we only had a laying flock, not meat birds. It’s still nice to have that skill, since laying hens get old. They make wonderful stock though. We still have a couple of soup hens in the freezer to process.

24 06 2008

You can help next time! 😉 Keith says that while it took a little bit of time since it was their first time, it wasn’t as “bad” as he thought it might be.

25 06 2008

What breed were they? We found that the so-called dual purpose breeds didn’t make good roasting chickens.

But I could see a cross-county partnership (SkWHaFTA?)someday. We raise them on our spacious poultry estate, and you provide butchering expertise and leadership.

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