Some miscellaneous updates

24 06 2008


The feasability study is available from the Skagit PUD! So far 79% of Skagitonians prefer local control of electric service. More information about the buyout and the latest news is available at SavePSE.


You may have read about the carcinogen 1,4-Dioxane being found in many organic personal care products and household cleansers. If you somehow missed the kerfuffle, you can read about it at the Organic Consumer’s Association website here.

Since so many dishwashing liquids were on the list, I thought I’d check with the fine folks at CountrySave to see if they used it. Well, 6 minutes after I emailed “info” this morning, I got a reply from President Kris stating that … well, let me just quote:

Saara – we have NEVER used that ingredient……in any product…….EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🙂 have a nice day! If you go over to the detergent shelf in the store and pick up a box you will be able to read every ingredient. One update is that while the box says differently, as of May 1st we no longer use Coconut Diethanolimide in the formula and our boxes will reflect that on the next print run……

Does that answer your question …and more? Thanks 🙂 Kris

I’d say it does! I love dealing with local companies!

Mountain Loop Road

The Loop is re-opening! After being closed for nearly 5 years due to flood damage, there will be a tri-city celebration held in Darrington, Arlington and Granite Falls on the weekend of June 28th & 29th. The Loop would be a great driving and camping trip close by instead of venturing further afield. It’s exciting to have this beautiful drive back.




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