Beloved Pet

15 07 2008

Cats come and go without ever leaving. ~Martha Curtis

Kale 08.2003 - 07.09.2008

Kale 08.2003 - 07.09.2008




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16 07 2008

Oh no! What happened to Kale?

16 07 2008

Hi Kristen, nice to hear from you.
Kale was taken by a bobcat in the early morning last Thursday. We found his leg yesterday morning so we buried that much of him. It’s been a very rough week around here without him.

17 07 2008

So sorry to hear about Kale. Animals are part of the family and part of the place. Hope you guys are hanging in there.

3 09 2008
terry love

sorry to hear about your loss, i know how it feels to loose part of the family…i lost my best friend screech a little female calaco,she had had a heart attack,and passed as i was holding her…just know that their up in heaven looking down upon us every day………….terry,
p.s. i had found your web site in the newsgroups, under alt binaries food…just so you know….

4 09 2008

Thanks Terry. Sorry to hear about your Screech. It’s been a bit of a lonely summer when you expect your pal around every corner.

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