Root Cellar Update

10 01 2009

I thought it was time to give you a root cellar update. Besides I wanted some slaw.

Whoa! What the heck is that?

Whoa! What the heck is that?

Back at the end of November, I’d shown you my pumphouse where I was experimenting with root cellar-type storage of some food. I have potatoes, cover crop seeds, and some … cabbages.

I’d wrapped the cabbages in damp cloth and placed them in a cooler in the pumphouse/root cellar. I left the lid of the cooler cracked for ventilation. What I didn’t mention (since it wasn’t pertinent then) was that I’d actually stored those 4 cabbages back on October 10th. It is now January 10th (full disclosure: I took that one out 1/8, but close enough).

Honey, were really not that poor, we can buy new food ...

Honey, we're really not that poor, we can buy new food ...

Amazing what can go on in 3 months in a dark, moist area. 🙂

A little peeling (one layer, honest!), a quick rinse and …

Okay, thats not too bad

Okay, that's not too bad.

Still, it pays to be safe so I checked the insides before committing myself to slaw with dinner.

Ooh pretty!

Ooh pretty!

I tasted it and it was crisp and peppery and there was slaw for dinner. Yay!

The other nice part about it was that I had grown those purple cabbages myself (with starts donated by Rebecca – thank you!) and purple cabbages aren’t even meant for storage. We also had some temperature fluctuations in the root cellar (power outages, frozen pipes, cranky heaters) so conditions weren’t 100% perfect.

At the end of November, I had also put in a 50# box of potatoes. So far they’re doing great too. No fuzziness.

I’m happy with the success of this experiment and look forward to storing a larger variety in the root cellar over next winter. It’s a great feeling of luxury to be able to go pick potatoes out of the root cellar and an onion out of the office closet 🙂 and start making dinner.




2 responses

11 01 2009

Good thing your root cellar wasn’t dug out of the ground given all the rain we’ve gotten lately. That cabbage looks beautiful, I’m impressed how tightly the leaves all grew together. Happy eating!

28 11 2009

amazing! if I’d seen that cabbage, I’m not sure I’d have been brave enough to peel it. But I will now! thanks.

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