Upriver Community – January

11 01 2009

It’s been kind of quiet up here. Well, quiet in the community action sense. Not so quiet in the dealing with the weather, shoveling snow, plowing driveways, and lamenting roof collapses. Not to mention the minor flood and those pesky landslides.

East of Concrete, SR20 is blocked by a landslide, as I’m sure you’ve heard. SR20 west is now open, but SR530 to Darrington is still closed. Those that can get out of their driveways and aren’t blocked in by a slide can access Concrete and beyond via Concrete-Sauk Valley Road. I know it’ll be a while before they have power restored.

Times like these illustrate why it’s so important to be prepared by maintaining a pantry and having a plan in place to deal with extended power outages. For many of us that means storing some water and keeping a generator. Now’s a good time to evaluate preparedness and see what can be improved.


In other news, Sharon Stewart sent out notice yesterday that the AWARE meeting for this month is canceled. Many people are still having trouble getting around and are focused on getting their basic needs met. Unless otherwise informed, I will assume that our next AWARE meeting will be on Thursday February 19th at 7pm at the Concrete Senior Center. See you there! For more information and to get on the mailing list, email: awareinfo at yahoo dot com


I had wanted to tell everyone at the meeting that the US Census still has many vacancies to fill in the Upriver area.

We are currently testing applicants for US Census Bureau jobs in the
Skagit, San Juan, Whatcom, Island, King, and Snohomish county areas. To be scheduled for a test please call:


You will have to enter your zip code, and then you will be redirected
to a local office. Please leave your name and phone number for a call
back. The local office will call you back with a test date.

These jobs start at $17.50 an hour and pay mileage of 58.5 cents per
mile. It is part-time, temporary work with no benefits, and the
actual work may not start for a few months (so don’t quit your job).

The next scheduled test for this area will be on January 20th at 11:30am at Annie’s Pizza in Grassmere. Get there at about 11am so you can complete the application. For more information see the US Census Jobs page and take the practice test.


There’s an informational meeting coming up this month to discuss progress, membership and benefits. Spread the word and see if you can carpool as there may be a need to plow the Fire Hall parking lot and space will be limited.


Skagit County Emergency Information (including current mudslide status)

Skagit County Road Closures

WSDOT Road Closures

Local Forecast (check out Wednesday!)




4 responses

12 01 2009

Hi Saara,
I wanted to check in with you too. We were up near Darrington andthe river did flood much back there. How are you guys doing? Did your community make it through the high waters okay?

12 01 2009

The river didn’t very much higher than flood stage. I think people were having problems with melting snow more than anything. We’re doing fine even though we still can’t drive our drivway. Car is stashed next door! Thanks for asking.
I do feel for those behind the slides!

22 01 2009
Tom Newcomer

We want to learn more about this organization. We missed your meeting in Rockport.
Tom and Janet Newcomer

23 01 2009

Tom and Janet, I forwarded your information to Michelle. Thanks!

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