Community News

22 03 2009

Now that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has delivered its last print copy and many other newspapers are struggling to stay in business, it’s wonderful to be able to look forward to the first edition of the newly revamped Concrete Herald in early May. Thanks to the efforts of Jason Miller and the support of east valley citizens and many others further afield, we will once again have a local news source.


This, surprisingly, is following a national trend and our little hill town is in the vanguard. Larger news sources are shifting their publications online while people have been gathering their news predominantly from websites and television. Journalism is more important than ever and smaller publications are filling in the gaps that have existed for too long in local news. Local news sites like the Seattle PI, Crosscut and GoSkagit produce some of their own reporting, but are also aggregators collecting and publishing news from smaller sources. Hopefully Jason will be able to fill the void that exists in news from and about the Upper Skagit area that the Skagit Valley Herald has not deemed important enough to cover.

Of course, he can’t do it all on his own. He still needs donations to help offset the costs of much-needed equipment. In the future, he may appreciate some news tips as well, but first let’s help him get this venture off the ground.




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