“Imagine Concrete” workshop April 18th

28 03 2009

Concrete to hold town-wide visioning workshop
“Imagine Concrete” designed to address aesthetics, preservation, future growth
posted 3.24.09

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “You know what they should do around here…,” you might want to mark April 18 on your calendar.

That’s the day when everyone who has a stake in Concrete’s future will gather in the Concrete High School Commons room for a visioning workshop that will run from 9:00 a.m. till noon. The visioning initiative has been named “Imagine Concrete.”

Visioning is a strategy that has been used by hundreds—if not thousands—of cities and towns across the U.S., including Concrete, which held its last visioning in the early 1990s. Visioning sessions gather town stakeholders—including citizens, business owners, town staff and officials, and advisory boards such as Planning Commissions—and have them discuss targeted questions about the town.

Guided by a 10-member steering committee, “Imagine Concrete” will address the following five questions during the April 18 workshop:

What do we want to preserve?
What do we want to create?
What do we want to change?
What should our community look like in the future?
How fast should change occur?


The above is from Jason Miller’s Concrete Herald news page. Support the paper, support Jason and support Concrete! See you at the workshop.




4 responses

29 03 2009
Jason Miller

We simply must meet!

29 03 2009

We have … sort of … in the group setting of the Friends of the Library meeting. I’ll introduce myself next time I see you around town!

21 04 2009

Hi Saara,

I met you at the Imagine Concrete workshop…I was the facilitator. It was a great experience for me. I hope the workshop was valuable for you and the community. It was great to see all the enthusiasm of all the people that participated in the workshop.

I’m graduate student at Antioch University Seattle; over last nine months I’ve working with community members of Concrete in finding ways to make Concrete a sustainable community.

I love your blog…some very interesting information here. Looked forward to reading more!!!

Here is a link to photos of the workshop.


21 04 2009

Thanks Rick! It was great meeting you and the workshop seemed a success. I look forward to the distillation of the ideas in 3 months and then moving forward in implementing them. Thank you so much for putting all your time and effort into this project!

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