Independence Days Update #1

5 05 2009

A day late with my post, but work gets priority around here when clients need their projects. 🙂


Seeded Good King Henry and earth chestnut in the perennial bed. Seeded chard, lettuce, mustard, raab, spinach, rutabagas, carrots and marigolds. Added a row of raspberries from volunteers.


Foraged nettles and used sorrel and lovage in meals.


Nothing this week.

Prepare and Store

Picked up two boxes of organic tomato paste and generally stocked up a bit. Keith put up more firewood.


Continuing to eat down the freezer. Have been using up lots of odds and ends from the pantry.


Picked up a wall-mounted wooden drying rack from a garage sale this weekend for $3! Put Netflix on hold for the summer. Added to the wine bottle garden bed edging. 😀


Read up on Verpa bohemica (aka false morel), but am still on the fence on actually eating it. Witnessed a bobcat walking through the yard in the middle of the day yesterday. We thought they were strictly nocturnal!


Somewhat indirect, but I purchased some seeds from a local seed company yesterday. Hopefully my small contribution helps support their business. Also convinced someone to buy a case of local microbrew at Costco instead of the formerly local Redhook. Got my friend to sign up for our local CSA.

More next week!




2 responses

5 05 2009

I’m curious about the Good King Henry, will this be your first time growing it? I’m actually curious about that and earth chestnut. I seem to recall a discussion in of pig nuts in the River Cottage Cookbook. I’ve been looking for additional perennial food plants to put in…

6 05 2009

This will be my first year for both. I seeded some last year in flats, but they don’t take to transplanting. Apparently the GKH is like lambsquarters so it should be pretty easy. I’ll let you know how they do! I may not have put them in the best spot, but we’ll see.

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