Independence Days #2

11 05 2009


Kale, radishes, mache, Brussels sprouts, arugula, cauliflower, potatoes, beets, collards and hollyhocks.


Lone asparagus stalk eaten for breakfast in the garden.


Froze nettles, homemade waffles, spicy beans and corn tortillas for quick meals during planting season.

Discovered that my rye starter had become contaminated so I refreshed my frozen stash. Froze a fresh batch and will freeze some of my regular sourdough starter as well. Disaster averted!

Prepare and Store

Acquired 5gal buckets with lids and burlap coffee sacks.


Collected foods needing to be rotated out of the big freezers into the refrigerator freezer for easy access and visibility, used the last of the whole wheat pastry flour, hemp seeds, poppy seeds and protein powder in the waffles. Noticed that I have too much chocolate, theoretically. 😉


Lost a chicken to a predator in the middle of the day. 😦 Seeded vegetables and sprinkled bone and kelp meals right before a rain so I didn’t need to water them in.


Modern roosters, even of heritage breeds, are noisy and useless.

Signed up to participate in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge which will be working through Peter Reinhart’s book of the same name. I’ll be doing some of the recipes from his Whole Grain Breads book too. The challenge will be encouraging me to try some of the recipes that I might not otherwise bake.


Participated in the 5th meeting of our monthly discussion group with the topic of “2012: Cataclysm, Turning Point, or Business as Usual?” where we talked about the environment, local economy, alternative energy, peak oil, etc. Set up a simple blog site for our group so we can continue to share ideas outside of our meetings.




One response

15 05 2009

You’ve inspired me. I will be stopping at the feed store on the way home to get potato and onion stars. Looking for Hollyhock seeds too. Just seeded some of my veggies and the neighbors dogs plowed through my raised beds. The beasts! Will have to consider fences. Sorry to hear about your chicken. How many do you keep?

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