BBA #1 – Anadama Bread

16 05 2009

Since I’ve already made the Anadama bread in Bread Baker’s Apprentice in the past, I decided to bake the version in his Whole Grain Breads book. I posted it to the BBA pool on flickr. In general I’ll just be posting a picture here and a link to the flickr image which will have more commentary.

Like most everyone else in the group, I’m finding this to be a versatile and tasty sandwich bread. I’m having fun making everyone’s acquaintance and swapping hints and tips. I look forward to seeing everyone’s creations in the 43 weeks to come.

Next up: Christopsomos!




5 responses

17 05 2009

I make Anadama with mostly whole wheat flour and part BF….great results. Your’s look fantastic! Happy Baking..

17 05 2009

I plan to buy Peter’s Whole Grain Book at some point. Great to see your photo.

17 05 2009

Wow, the whole grain version looks really good. May have to try that next time I make Anadama. Hope you had fun camping.

17 05 2009
BBA Challenge Bread #1: Anadama — A Chef's Daughter

[…] but my bread had almost no spring in the oven. If you’ve been following other Challenge members, you know that this loaf is significantly flatter than everyone else’s, and my crumb leaves a […]

17 05 2009

Your bread looks awesome! I love the dark color.

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