Yay or nay? Vacation …

29 05 2009

Last year’s buzzword was “staycation”, is this years “naycation“?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly going camping and sailboat camping this year as usual. We still want to go to Yellowstone, the Badlands and way up north into BC, but we’re sticking closer to home. This year we have chickens, but we’ve often taken month-long camping trips when our own personal economies have been in the doldrums. Of course, gas was cheaper then too.

Still we’re going to pick up a Northwest Forest Pass and take advantage of living on the edge of the North Cascades National Park and the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. With that $30 investment into our daytrips, we still need to get some good camping in too. We have beautiful state parks here, but we’re not interested in investing $20 per night or making reservations just to listen to someone’s generator drone on while they watch DVD’s. Luckily not all the state parks are like that, but it seems there’s nothing but huge RV’s everywhere! So the trick is to go where they’re not …

Camping in the Okanagon National Forest for $8/night

Camping in the Okanagon National Forest for $8/night

There are deals to be had too. A great book to have on hand when you’re out and about without an itinerary is Ray’s Guide to Free Campgrounds in Washington State. Oregon and Idaho have their own volumes and it can save you searching for a site in the dark or from sleeping in a parking lot by the Columbia River (in 24F degree weather no less, but that’s another story). Also we have public lands such as those administered by the BLM and various other resources.

If you’re lucky enough to be boating, you can find plenty of moorage in our marine parks system. Let’s not forget the Gulf Islands either! When boating, a mooring buoy is usually less than $10 per night and anchoring out is free. If you’re sailing like we do and anchoring out, you can usually have several weeks of vacation for the cost of much less than 5 gallons of gas. That’s not including the cost of the hole in the water, of course. 😉

Sailboat camping $0/night (NIC boat)

Sailboat camping $0/night (NIC boat)

So I say YAY for an inexpensive vacation!




One response

22 08 2009
Mark Johnson

yeah those RV Generaters are a pain… but no worries… fewer and fewer people will be able to afford them from here on out… over half of the companies that were making them 2 years ago are now outta business…

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