BBA #3

30 05 2009



The best bagels to be had, outside of your own kitchen of course, are at The Bagelry up in Bellingham.




3 responses

3 06 2009

Hi! Just found your blog today. The Bagelry makes the best bagels! Whenever we pass through Bellingham, we stop. Sometimes we’ll even road-trip up there, especially for the bagels. Favorite bagel? Garlic with lox spread. Yummy, but requiring mouthwash afterward if I’m going to be in company. 🙂

12 06 2009

Your bagels look amazing. Great job. I thought they were fun to make too.

14 07 2009

I could not agree with you more about The Bagelry. Moved to NY for 5+ yrs and could not find a bagel to compare–though was not as persistent in my search as I should have been. They were all fluffy, air-injected, and tasted like they were made in Safeway. After hearing for many years that the bagel was king of bread in NYC I was sorely disappointed. Back in the NW now and glad to be in the land of true chewy bagels.

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