BBA #5

18 06 2009
Casatiello - a brioche dough flavored with salami and provolone

Casatiello - a brioche dough flavored with salami and provolone


BBA #4

8 06 2009
Cinnamon buns made with Poor Mans Brioche

Cinnamon buns made with Poor Man's Brioche

Independence Days #4-6

8 06 2009

I don’t want to post only challenge updates so this one is a roundup. 🙂


Seeded Silver rib and Rainbow chards, arugula, Chantenay carrots, assorted mustard greens, Wautoma cucumbers (pickling), Bull’s blood and Chiogga beets, Bloomsdale savoy spinach, broccoli raab, rutabagas and parsnips. Nasturtiums, hollyhocks and marigolds.

Transplanted Kuri and Delicata squashes, Brandywine and Green Grape tomatoes, Purple tomatilloes and cauliflower.

See My Garden Journal for more gardening details.

Harvest & Preserve

Another 2 pounds of rhubarb frozen plus some made into a flip cake along with some frozen berries. Fireweed and some other wild greens for salad. Also made a salad of errant raabs, overwintered chard, asparagus and Claytonia. Horseradish leaf on burgers.

Keith picked 6 quarts of salmonberries that I froze on cookie sheets. Dehydrated some oyster mushrooms that he found on a fallen alder. Dehydrated lovage.

Prepare and Store

Been baking up a storm so freezing some bread for later.

Keith has filled up the woodshed with enough wood for winter! This is a great milestone for him this early in the season. Now he’ll be able to get ahead for the next winter.


The outside freezer is nearly empty! I’ll be moving the last stragglers over and defrosting soon. I cleaned the pumphouse/root cellar so it’s ready to be filled although we’ll be painting the floor yet.


Saved the hot oil from a jar of pickled peppers for mixing into foliar feed in the garden. It has the dual benefit of being hot so it’ll act as a pest repellant and will help the foliar feed to adhere. The oil is soybean or I’d be saving it for cooking.

BBA #3

30 05 2009



The best bagels to be had, outside of your own kitchen of course, are at The Bagelry up in Bellingham.

BBA #2

27 05 2009
Artos - Greek celebration bread

Artos - Greek celebration bread